Curious to know more about Gamerhub.PH- the ultimate place to buy the best used games? Check all the FAQ to curb your curiosity and know more about the availed services.  
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gamerhub.PH? is the best place to sell, buy or trade your favorite video games on a secure and streamlined marketplace platform.

How Does it Work? User create their own accounts in which they can interact with sellers to buy merchandise or add their own merchandise to seller to interested parties.

How much Commission Does take per transaction? takes a flat 10% of any transaction performed on the platform.This fee will be used for platform maintenance, marketing, transaction fees, and servicing of Gamerhub users.

What happens if I have a dispute?

Should a dispute arise between buyer and seller, staff will act as a mediator between parties mutually to resolve the issue or reach an agreement. If suitable conditions cannot be met by either party an outside mediation service will be contacted to further reach a compromise.

Is Membership free? is completely free to use.
What can I sell?
You will be able to sell games, game accessories, consoles, and gaming components such as periphals.
How do I set up a Paypal account to accept secure payments?

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