It is crucial to know all the glossary terms on the best used games available on Gamerhub.PH. Make sure you learn all about them before you start buying.

Glossary of Terms

  • Brand New - Game has never been opened or used before
  • Like New - Game has minimal use and is still in pristine condition with all materials that came with it at time of purchase
  • Good - Game has been used but has no noticeable defects or issues
  • Acceptable - Game is used and shows sign of use but is still in working condition (may not have all orginal material)
  • Disc Only - Game disc is the only thing avalaible and is still in working condition
  • Digital Download - Pertains to games that can be downloaded digitally
  • Limited Edition - Game is bundled with extras such as anniversary editions, Special editions, Legendary Editions, Game of the Year Edition, and etc
  • Listings - Games, consoles, or accessories listed that are for sale or trade from current gen consoles, last generation consoles, and retro consoles.
  • Current Generation - Game consoles that are currently the normal standard on the market
  • Last Generation - Game Consoles that came out prior to the current generation consoles
  • Retro - Classic Game Consoles that are no longer mainstream
  • Handhelds - Portable gaming devices